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Star Wars: The Clone Wars S01E17 & S01E18 [HDTVRips.4.iPod] --
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2009-02-14 09:42:47 GMT
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                           Star Wars:  The Clone Wars
                        Episode 117 - Blue Shadow Virus
                   Episode 118 - Mystery of a Thousand Moons

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Genre................: Science Fiction / Animation
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Tonight, we had two episodes air, which is always nice.  Rather than release them in two separate torrents as they were initially released, I've made you wait a tiny bit longer so I could download and convert both for a single convenient upload for ya' ;)  Of course, the bad news in this is that then we only have four episodes left in the season :(  However, as many of you may have seen, I posted the news that Star Wars:  The Clone Wars has been picked up for a full Second Season!  If you missed the news, you can read about it here:

The first episode, "Blue Shadow Virus", is quite good, and has some fairly good Jedi action.  Plus, we're back in the swamps and rolling fields of Naboo, so if you liked Episodes I & II, you should definitely enjoy the scenery.  The second episode, "Mystery of a Thousand Moons" was even better, and I loved the suspense even though I knew it would all turn out OK in the end.  Overall, tonight was a great night!!

S01E17 - "Blue Shadow Virus"
Video Bitrate........: 1.18 mbits/sec
Resolution...........: 624 x 352
FPS..................: 23.98
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Padmé and Jar Jar are captured while searching for a secret Separatist bio-weapons lab, sparking Anakin, Obi-Wan and Ahsoka to try and save their friends and halt the release of a deadly virus.

S01E18 - "Mystery of a Thousand Moons"
Video Bitrate........: 1.18 mbits/sec
Resolution...........: 624 x 352
FPS..................: 23.98
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The fatal Blue Shadow Virus menace is still at large, infecting Ahsoka, Padmé, and many clone troopers -- and giving Anakin and Obi-Wan just 48 hours to find the antidote on a mysterious planet from which no visitor has returned. 

Enjoy, and May the Force Be With You!

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You can download Previous Episodes & Star Wars films here:

Expect future torrents for the episodes of this show ... from VoV :)

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great upload nd many thnx, do you take requests
can you try and upload the knight rider season and terminator season plz