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Family Guy season 1 - 5 complete MP4
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2008-12-31 04:56:18 GMT

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Family Guy


this only has season 1 - 3 and a bit of 4 :(
aninepointstar you have no clue what you are talking about. Season 1-4 is complete with a shortened season 5.

Thanks for the great upload
According to IMDB, Season 4 should have had 30 episodes! This torrent only has 10 from this one.
well i jus looked at the torrent and there is complete series 1 - 3. 10 episodes from season 4 and 10 episodes from season 5
What is the screensize? 320 x 240? 480 x 204? What's up?
I would like to know the screen size too. I want to know if this looks good on my PSP.
It's 320 x 240.
hows the quality?
missing episodes and bad quality unless your watching on a 3" screen
Actually, aninepointstar is correct. Season 4 starts with North by North Quahog, and ends with Untitled Griffin Family History, with 27 episodes. These are numbered incorrectly in the torrent.

And second - the torrent is labeled handheld. It's small for a reason.
@84ElDogg It's for handheld ... don't expect full hd mind blowing quality ...
Deal with it or download another release lol
thanks for this!
Allow me to explain it is as aninepointstar states which is that this consists of season 1 - 3 and a bit of 4. Depending on where you live that is, in the US season 4 consist of 30 episodes including the movie, Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story (which is broken up in three parts). In other places it's i believe seasons 4 and 5 broken up i think it's something like 12 for season 4 and 18 for season 5. Just download this torrent: it has the rest of season 4 and all of season 5.
Love It! Thank You!!!

A - 9/10
V - 9/10